Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Özant Kamaci

I came across this guy totally randomly as I was checking out LOZ, the blog run by Laurence Vecten, a photographer based out of France. Özant's work, especially from his series "Pause" and "Pause M" consists largely of images of airplanes caught behind trees and other visual obstructions. Özant explains his photos as serving as an interruption of anticipation. His idea of capturing an image at a time when most people are anticipating what comes after, such as the plane emerging from the tree, is interesting in itself. However, he also seems to have followed through with a visual concept that challenges the way the viewer is able to perceive the image. The airplanes are often so integrated into the other parts of the picture that you are challenged to look at the relationship between such a massive piece of modern technology and nature (cliche, I know, but...) in a way that focuses exclusively on form and texture. I think these pictures are pretty cool, and I'd like to see more work like this come from Özant. Özant is Turkish, but currently lives and works out of Toronto. You can check out his website here.

All images on this post are © Özant Kamaci

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  1. Understand the concept, this after it was explained, but I would have never gotten it from the images. I think this idea is WAY too forced.