Monday, July 5, 2010

Griffin Museum 16th Annual Juried Exhibition

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On Thursday I went to the Griffin Museum's opening of their 16th Annual Juried Exhibition. I attended mostly because the show was judged by Jörg M Colberg, who, in addition to being a well respected art photographer, also maintains the prolific photo blog Conscientious. Colberg was a no-show, and to be honest, I was surprised by the variety of work that was selected. There has been and continues to be a trend of "dead" portraits of people in their "natural" environment staring expressionless into the camera, leaving you with few questions regarding the circumstances of the photograph. This work seems to be "so hot right now" and inspired by work from prolific photographers such as Alec Soth and Todd Hido. I love both of these guys as well as Jörg M Colberg , but I'm hoping to see a different approach come into vogue soon. The two photographers that received awards for their work were Natalia Engelhardt and Keliy Anderson-Staley. I really liked Keliy Anderson-Staley's work, especially from her series "Off the Grid", which documents 30 families living in Maine without running water or electricity.

© Keliy Anderson-Staley

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  1. that looks really cool! I'm so jealous, I wish we had cool art shows. I really love the nature ones on the wall in the first picture and the photo with all the people, I think that's amazing :)