Sunday, July 25, 2010

Picture of the Day (4,5,6)

I was away for the weekend, and without internet, so I'm posting three photos tonight. The first photo I took on Cape Cod over the weekend, and the next two I will talk more about below.

The next two photos that I'm going to post were made by photographer Liz Kuball. Liz is relatively new to the photo world, getting serious about her work in 2006, but she has quickly become recognized for her images of Southern California in her series "California Vernacular". Liz was invited to be an artist of 20x200, and is currently showing work at the Jen Bekman Gallery in NYC with some huge names. Joel Meyerowitz, Todd Hido and Alec Soth are just a few of the artists contributing to this show. I really appreciate how Liz's work keeps your interest and provokes some thought without being as equivocal as some other popular work out right now. Here are two of her images from the series "California Vernacular".

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